Stunning Italian Mid-Century Ceramic Furnishing Accessories

Italian Mid-Century Ceramic Furnishing AccessoriesDomus Nova Design is the home of the most stunning Italian mid-century ceramic furnishing accessories, offering a wide range of amazing and unique articles for the lovers of vintage and antique art. Our gallery is very spacious and is designed in a unique style, with all the items displayed beautifully. We are ideally located in the historic centre of Parma, where people can reach us in a trouble-free way.

The Gallery was founded in 1998, and since then we were devoted to finding the most beautiful masterpieces so that we can offer you exceptional experiences. We understand the passion of art and the magic of “time-traveling”, that’s why we strive to bring people back in the years and make them feel part of the past through the most representative creations of Italian and international design.

Elegant Italian Mid-Century Ceramic Furnishing Accessories

The desire to have something special in our homes, even in the work environment, is irresistible. We are all lovers of beauty, and rightly so. We offer a wide range of ceramic products, ranging from various vases, sculptures, lamps, and various artistic works.

Furthermore, we also buy modern and vintage products, focusing on selecting the most interesting ’50 vintage articles such as furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories, and glasses.

Why Our Italian Mid-Century Ceramic Furnishing Accessories?

All of our products are in perfect condition, and we can guide you in finding the right ones to decorate your living space or your office. For 20 years, we have been a reference point for our precious customers always serving with integrity and authenticity!

For further information, regarding our products or to make an order please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Customer support is our top priority, that’s why we also offer International Shipping.