Unique Vintage 20th Century Italian Style Lamps for Sale

Vintage 20th Century Italian Style Lamps for SaleDomus Nova Design is the ideal place to head for if you’re looking for unique vintage 20th-century lamps for sale to decorate with an elegant lighting style. For more than 20 years, our gallery has been offering a broad range of impeccable products including furnishing accessories, pieces of furniture such as armchairs, sofas, tables, ceramic/glass artworks, lighting items, and many other decorative items that will give your ambiance an extra special personality and taste.

Art is a special passion, and people who admire it are destined to be distinct from others. Knowing this, we are committed to helping you find those perfect items that meet your unique needs and expectations to complete the final touch of your house decoration.


Various Vintage 20th Century Italian Style Lamps for Sale

Domus Nova Design offers various types of 20th-century Italian style vintage lamps such as table lamps, wall lamps, and floor lights. The importance of lighting in interior design is priceless. It can completely change the mood of a room; therefore, you should carefully combine them with the room size, color and furniture selections, as well as the availability of natural light.

We have different lamp designs ranging from simple to unique ones such as “Shoes-shaped resin lamp”, a 1970’s production of L’Isola che non c’è, which has an original electrical system and is in excellent condition.

Our Vintage 20th Century Italian Style Lamps for Sale

Our gallery is a family business in which many years of love and care have been devoted in order to perfect our services and offer our customers everything they require. We ensure you the highest quality and guarantee that all of our products are as shown and described in our website.

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